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Date Bites

Espresso & Nuts -4 Pack (10ct Each)

Espresso & Nuts -4 Pack (10ct Each)

Love Espresso? Us too! Introducing our Espresso & Nuts Date Bites, a delicious snack combining a light espresso flavor with nutritious nuts. These bite-sized treats provide you with a nice lil boost and are perfect for when you’re on-the-go. With espresso for alertness and a variety of nuts for sustained energy and brain health these got what you need. So stop procrastinating and elevate your snacking with our Espresso & Nuts Date Bites.

Ingredients: Dates, Hazelnuts, Almonds, Ground Espresso

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These bite-sized treats provide an energizing boost, with espresso for alertness and a variety of for sustained energy and brain health. Crafted with care, these vegan and gluten-free bites are convenient and perfect for on-the-go individuals. Elevate your snacking with our Espresso & Nuts Date Bites.

Enjoy the flavor, functionality, and protein in every bite!

No Added Sugar
Plant Based
Gluten Free
Only 4 Ingredients
Dates are a natural source of energy, packed with essential nutrients like fiber, vitamins, and minerals.
Hazelnuts are a great source of healthy fats, vitamins E and B, and minerals, supporting heart health and reducing inflammation.
Almonds are a nutritious snack rich in vitamin E, magnesium, and healthy monounsaturated fats, and they also offer protein and fiber.
Ground espresso is a concentrated source of antioxidants and provides a natural energy boost due to its caffeine content.